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14K GOLD Antique Dagger SWORD Stickpin MASONIC Freemasonry Jewelry

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A Genuine 14K Solid Gold Antique Masonic Freemason Dagger Sword Stickpin in Yellow & White Gold with Tiny Intricate Detailed Engravings & Embossing; Sword representing a Symbol of Power, 14K Gold Guaranteed, Weight 2.4 Grams circa 1900 - 20's!

Measurements are 3" in length by 1" in width.

This Freemasonry Jewelry is a Striking and Brilliant Stickpin! The Handle has the tiniest details which the photo was unable to capture. In a symbolic context, the Sword can represent a variety of sharp implements. and is considered the duty of any Freemason to use positive power of his words or actions in order to help his brothers to strive and grow in Unity. It is in Excellent Superb condition! There is a smoothed out mark on the Pin Stem which appears as 585 (same as 14K), nevertheless, it absolutely tests for 14k Gold, Jeweler Confirmed and Guaranteed.

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