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About Us and Our Antique and Vintage Jewelry

Our Antique and Vintage Jewelry includes Victorian Jewelry, Art Deco Jewelry, Old Pawn Vintage Native American Turquoise Jewelry, Vintage Sterling Silver, Gold and Gemstones. We bring to you our expertise with love! We believe in excellent customer service and quality control. All our items are exclusively hand-picked, and thoroughly researched. Wherever possible, we'll list the detailed history of each piece on the listing page. We are currently working on a Jewelry Hallmark Identification Page and will be continually adding useful hallmarks and helpful information. We professionally test our jewelry for its gold and silver content. Our Vintage Native American jewelry mainly comes straight from Arizona collector estates. They are of the finest sterling silver and turquoise, and always authentic Native American.


Antique Victorian to Vintage Native American Jewelry - Years After

Cherish the Past. Savour the Moments. Share in the Future.

It all started twenty-nine years ago but who's counting. My friend and I would spend all our summer weekends antiquing in Connecticut. There was nothing else in the world which we desired more than to search, find a beloved old treasure, admire it, research it, and forever cherish it. It's a romantic haunting thing about the far away past and the people who lived and loved and left a piece of their heart ♥ with us on earth.

After all these years, my passion for antiques remains strong. Having a beautiful part of history in the palm of your hands is remarkable to me! Antiquing will always be in my soul.

That's me back then!

Our Background

The name "Years After" actually was originated and decided during one of our antiquing adventures in Connecticut. Now it's many years after and our name is vintage too.

My background is in New York's Diamond Exchange Center, and Fashion Institute of Technology. Since I originally desired to be a fashion designer and always loved antiques, it lead to where I am today! I specialize in quality jewelry, mostly precious metals in sterling, and gold. I search for unusual one-of-a kind pieces in the best condition for my customers. Vintage jewelry is fascinating and looks beautiful layered in different ways to create unique individual statements. It gives me great pride to share what I love! I'll also offer artistic home decor, antique dolls and doll clothing, and vintage high fashion.

Years After was established on the web November 2002. A decade later, and I feel privileged to offer these special treasures of the past with more happy customers!

Many thanks for reading and enjoy! Any questions, please feel free to ask in the Contact Us Link.♥