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Antique VICTORIAN Mourning Jewelry BLACK Ribbon Fob Chain Signed

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An Outstanding Signed Antique Victorian Black Mourning Ribbon Fob Chain with Triple Ribbons and Gold Filled Heart Charm, known as Mourning Jewelry, Fancy Scrollwork Buckle, Perfect Working Clip signed PAT'D, Swivel Hook with Makers Mark DFB Co  for D.F. Briggs Company circa 1890's!

Measurements: Full length is 6-1/2". Width is 1-1/4". Connected Watch Chain with Hook is 5" in length. Heart Fob is 3/4".

The DFB Co.stands for D.F. Briggs Company, Attleboro, MA. which began around 1892 and changed its name after 1922 to Briggs, Bates, & Bacon. They produced mourning ribbons, watch chains, pins, chatelaines and bracelets as seen in their ads here.

The Grosgrain Ribbon is wonderful and well preserved. It has no worn marks. The hardware is beautifully aged with a lovely patina. The gold filled heart fob is smooth and blank; the same on both sides. It has some dings, mostly on back where it's not in view. The clip works perfectly. It fits securely onto a pocket or vest. The working swivel hook is signed THE DFBCO.

The Victorians developed an elaborate set of mourning traditions to honor their loved ones who passed away. The color Black in jewelry represented the lack of light. The Victorians wore jewelry as a decorative accessory but more importantly, as an outward expression of their inner most sentimental feelings. After the loss of her husband Prince Albert, Queen Victoria went into deep mourning and grieved to an extreme because of her undying and everlasting love. Victoria took to wearing Black Jewellery in remembrance of Prince Albert, and it became the etiquette to accessorize the period's elegant mourning fashion.

Interestingly enough, a widower wore a black mourning suit, with ribbon watch chain, black tie and buttons for his wife for three months while a widow mourned in black for two and a half years!

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